Dental Technology

To restore a patient’s smile after losing one or more teeth takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and experience. It also requires utilizing technology that ensures the success of the procedure and the comfort of our patients.

Technology Is Constantly Moving Forward – And So Are We

The implant specialists at 1FD Implant Centers pride themselves on continually incorporating the latest technology and taking steps to improve the treatment process and experience. Our dedication has led to the continued successful outcome of patient treatment.

Each year, dozens of dental conventions are held across the United States. At these conventions, we learn about, see demonstrations of, and experience some of the latest in dental technology.

Some of the technological advances are improvements on old systems. Others can replace outdated ways of treating dental issues. Three of the most exciting in the past few decades have been:

The Digital X-Ray System:

Digital x-rays allow general dentists and specialists to save time and money. The images are instantaneous, provide superior x-ray quality, and reduce radiation exposure by at least 80%.

Dental Lasers:

Lasers can be used in various settings, including gum surgery and restorative dentistry. Using a laser, a dentist can remove dental decay without a drill and may also be able to provide anesthetic-free fillings.

CAD/CAM Machines:

In the past, dentists would have to send impressions to an out-of-office dental laboratory. A lab technician would then fabricate dental crowns, bridges, and dentures, returning them to the dentist after a few weeks. Now, many dentists utilize CAD/CAM software and machines to take a digital image of the area that needs to be restored. Then, their CAD/CAM machine can fabricate the restoration in-office. Patients get their restorations the same day as treatment.

Digital X-Ray

Researchers and inventors are constantly developing new and innovative technologies that improve dentistry. They can help reduce treatment time, and any discomfort patients might experience during a procedure.

Our specialists know that keeping up with technological advances helps them serve the needs of their patients. They take the time to thoroughly educate themselves on these advances via continuing education classes, in-office training sessions, or dental conventions. They weed through the superfluous gadgets to find the best tools.

Investing in the latest dental technology costs thousands of dollars each year, a cost that includes the purchase and installation of these tools, as well as learning how to use them properly. Our dental implant specialists believe in their investments because they know they will help them provide optimal, customized care for every patient.

Dental Technology Used for Dental Implants in Chicago

There are several technologically advanced systems we use to better serve our patients. Here are just two of them.

The iTero Element Scanner

The iTero Element Scanner is a digital impression system. In the past, when we wanted to create a porcelain crown to fit over a dental implant, we’d have to take an impression using materials that ranged from gooey and runny to the consistency of bubble gum or playdough. Now, we can skip the mess – and our patients don’t have to endure the involuntary gag reflex that often results when using these materials.

Using the iTero Element Scanner, we scan the area that needs a restoration with an intraoral camera. The camera creates a digital 3D model of the teeth and gums. The result is a more precise model for better fitting restoration. Plus, our patients are significantly more comfortable during the process, and we can save a lot of time, which benefits both the patients and the practitioners.

3D Imaging

Digital x-rays are incredibly useful. They allow us to see things we can’t see with the naked eye. Sometimes, though, we need to see more than what a standard x-ray shows. When this is the case, we utilize 3D imaging, also called Computed Tomography (CT). The CT machine is a special x-ray unit that creates 3D images. These images allow us to see not only the teeth and surrounding bone but also:

  • Soft tissues
  • Nerve pathways
  • Bone density

The images created using the CT machine allow us to diagnose conditions and restore missing teeth with more precision. Based on this imaging, we can truly create custom treatment plans for each patient.

We Will Always Look for Ways to Serve You Better

Our implant team is committed to providing the highest-quality treatment to our patients. While we know that the services we offer and the tools we utilize now are exceptional, we will never stop looking for ways to improve. Your health and satisfaction – as well as the success of the procedures you have with a 1FD Implant Center provider – are of utmost importance to us. Our providers guarantee they will continue to value continuing education and look for the best products, tools, and technologies to provide even better care.

Are you a good candidate for dental implants in Chicago? Contact our team to schedule a complimentary consultation at one of our convenient locations. We’ll help you determine whether getting teeth in a day is a good investment for your dental needs.

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