1FD Implant Centers offer overdentures as a modern alternative to conventional dentures. Overdentures are modified partial or full dentures that attach to two or more dental implants. Instead of relying on adhesives to keep the denture in place, overdentures offer a custom option and a stable fit that helps renew patients’ confidence as they eat, chew, smile, and speak.

At 1FD Implant Centers, we strive to provide a top-notch experience and high-quality service. We have helped many patients recover their self-confidence and resume daily activities with overdentures. This beneficial option has transformed the lives of many and allowed them to bypass the drawbacks associated with conventional dentures.


What Are the Benefits of Overdentures from 1FD Implant Centers?

Custom overdentures from 1FD Implant Centers are carefully crafted to meet each patient’s needs. We create a comfortable partial or full overdenture depending on how many teeth are missing. Many patients benefit from overdentures because they do not slip and slide like conventional dentures. Overdentures allow patients to eat foods they usually would avoid and do not cause pain by pressing down into the gumline.

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In addition, overdentures help keep the jaw strong and prevent bone loss since they attach to dental implants. The dental implants exert pressure on the jaw like natural teeth do and keep it strong. Another benefit of overdentures is that they are easy to maintain.ts or an implant system.


What is the Process of Receiving Overdentures?

The overdenture process begins with implant placement. At least two dental implants are surgically inserted and given time to heal. 1FD Implant Centers will provide you with TEETH in a day during this appointment that will stay in place as your implants heal. The healing process can take approximately three to six months as osseointegration occurs. Osseointegration is the fusion of the jawbone and implant as the bone grows around the implant and anchors it in place. After the area is healed, the implants are exposed, and a healing cap is placed.1FD Implant Centers believe in a customized approach to dental needs, so we will craft or adjust a partial or full denture that fits comfortably in your mouth and stabilizes your bite. Once the denture is fabricated, it will snap “over” the implants for a secure and sure fit.

How Do I Keep Overdentures from 1FD Implant Centers Clean?

1FD Implant Centers will provide special instructions on keeping your overdentures clean. We generally recommend removing your denture and gently cleaning it with an extra-soft toothbrush and mild liquid soap or special denture and gum paste. It is important to also brush the O-rings that connect the dental implant abutments. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about caring for your overdenture.

Are You a Candidate for Overdentures?

Candidates for overdentures are those who are missing most or all of their teeth, are tired of wearing traditional dentures, have an adequate amount of jawbone density, and are in good oral and overall health. 

For those who are not immediate overdenture candidates, they can become one through bone grafting and tooth extraction procedures.

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Why Trust 1FD Implant Centers with Your Overdenture Needs?

From the moment you step through the door, our experienced staff is trained to provide concierge-level service. We are not worried about whether you have dental insurance, and we will meet your dental needs with the utmost care. We believe in customized care and tailored approaches to oral health, and we welcome the opportunity to find the right dental solution for you.

Are you wondering about your overdenture options? Find out more about your overdenture options and schedule a complimentary consultation by contacting our team today!

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