Dr. Ghassan Abboud

Founder and Prosthodontist

Dr. Ghassan Abboud is the founder and leader of 1st Family Dental and 1FD Implant Centers. He opened his first office in Chicago, IL in 1996. Dr. Abboud received his dental and specialty training in combined prosthodontics and implants from Loyola University in Chicago and continues his education by regularly attending seminars and lectures.

He has treated thousands of patients, providing cutting-edge surgeries and restorations, with some of his patients traveling from places as far as Europe and the Middle East. Considered to be a leader and innovator in his field, many biomedical engineering and implant companies all over the world trust Dr. Abboud to test their technology and products.

Dr. Abboud’s philanthropic interests include providing assistance to orphans, people in need, and to war-torn areas of the world. He actively supports local charities and non-profits including St. Jude Hospital and is committed to providing dental care for individuals in need and helping to improve his community. Dr. Abboud enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.

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